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8 Kid Friendly Garden Ideas

Teaching kids about gardening and growing their own food can be a wonderful experience. Here are 8 kid friendly gardening ideas your child is sure to love.

Paint ladybug rocks and place in the garden. (via - Crafts By Amanda)

Give kids their very own mini garden to care for. (via - Keep It Simple Sister)

Build a bean pole tee-pee. (via - The Artful Parent)

Make these fun fruit and veggie rocks and use them as garden markers. (via - Adventure In A Box)

Create a fairy village (via - Anne Or Green Gardens)

Transform their old Legos into unique planters. (via - BrightNest)

Let them make fun stepping stones. (via - Happy Go Lucky)

Make some fun & colorful flower pots. (via - Mess For Less)

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  1. All so cute! I love the lego idea, perhaps I'll have to try to convince them to part with a few this summer!
    The lady bugs, every time my daughter sees them (or something similar) she wants to do a bunch in our yard, after this, I think perhaps I'll let her!
    Great finds and ideas!

    1. Thank you Tori. Unfortunately my girls won't part with any of their Legos. :( Good luck with yours! We are planning on making some lady bugs soon too. Would love to wee your daughter's when she's finished.


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